Search our 10 most popular jewellery pieces.
  1. Eternity Rings
    An eternity ring consists of a band of precious metal, usually gold, set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones, usually diamonds. The ring symbolises eternal love, and is generally given by a husband to his wife on the occasion of a significant anniversary. It can however be given to anyone on any occasion to express never-ending love.
  2. Cluster Rings
    A cluster ring has a large centre stone, usually surrounded by much smaller stones. Cluster rings have slightly larger proportions than most rings and can be used to add an air of flamboyance to an outfit or occasion.
  3. Tennis Bracelets
    A tennis bracelet is a thin in-line diamond bracelet that features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. Made famous by tennis-player Chris Evert-Lloyd, tennis bracelets are discreet but glamorous items that can be worn casually or formally.
  4. Cluster Earrings
    These decorative earrings are made up of a cluster of precious stones and beads made from precious metals. Cluster earrings can be worn on high-glamour occasions, or can be used as a sophisticated accent with more casual, day-to-day looks.
  5. Black Diamonds
    Black diamonds or carbonado diamonds are a natural polycrystalline diamond found in Africa and South America. Carbonado diamonds are naturally black or dark grey, and are typically either pea-sized or consist of aggregates of many smaller crystals. Black diamond jewellery provides an air of understated sophistication, perfect for any high-profile event.
  6. Eternity Bangles
    Like eternity rings, eternity bangles have gemstones set all around their circumference. Again, the metal is usually gold and the stones are usually diamonds, but all kinds of variations are possible. Eternity bangles traditionally express eternal love between a husband and wife, but can be used as an expression of love in all relationships.
  7. Solitaire Earrings
    Solitaire earrings feature a single individual stone set into each earring. Solitaire earrings are most commonly set with diamonds but may contain any precious stone.
  8. Solitaire Pendants
    Solitaire pendants are pendants with a single precious stone set into them. Like solitaire earrings, they are most commonly set with diamonds but may contain any precious stone.
  9. Solitaire Rings
    Complete your set of dazzling precious stones with a Solitaire ring. Nothing is more glamorous than the simple and elegant solitaire design. When you wear all three – earrings, pendant and ring – you will be sure to dazzle.
  10. Diamond Cluster Rings
    This stylish variation on the diamond ring is comprised of smaller diamonds ranging from half a point to half a carat. There are many different styles of cluster rings. Choose a cluster ring that will resonate with your personal style.