Stuck for a gift idea to celebrate your anniversary? Explore the options below as a guide to milestone anniversaries. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that you'll be giving a gift of the highest quality that will be remembered for years to come.

10th Anniversary: Diamonds
Diamonds are the appropriate choice for this first major milestone. Like all the milestones below, it is customary to give a ring, but any items of jewellery featuring diamonds can be an appropriate 10th anniversary gift.
15th Anniversary: Watches
It is customary to give a watch to your loved one on the occasion of your 15th wedding anniversary. The style of watch should be appropriate to the occasion.
20th Anniversary: Platinum
20th anniversaries are also referred to as platinum anniversaries and, as such, it is appropriate to give a gift of jewellery with platinum as a base, possibly accompanied by other metals, and adorned with precious stones.
25th Anniversary: Silver
If you've been married for 25 years, it's time to celebrate in silver. Although a ring might be ideal on this occasion, any piece of jewellery made from silver will be appropriate. Narandas stocks a selection of silver pieces that will be the perfect way to immortalise this significant milestone.
30th Anniversary: Diamonds
The 30th anniversary features the return of the diamond as the most appropriate choice. Whether it's a ring, a pendant or a bracelet, the presence of diamonds will perfectly express a love that is stronger than ever after three decades.
40th Anniversary: Rubies
A 40th anniversary is known as a ruby anniversary and a gift of jewellery given on this occasion should prominently feature rubies. These beautiful red stones celebrate your love for each other, paying tribute to the fire that is still burning inside both you and your partner.
50th Anniversary: Gold
A golden anniversary is truly something to celebrate and anything other than gold is not really appropriate. A ring is by far the most appropriate form of jewellery on this occasion, echoing the wedding rings that were exchanged half a century earlier.
60th Anniversary: Diamonds
A 60th anniversary is also known as a diamond anniversary. 60 years of marriage is a remarkable achievement, and only a diamond will do to celebrate this momentous milestone. Narandas' selection of gorgeous diamonds is the perfect way to celebrate all six decades of your marriage.