Trusted since 1896
Although Narandas has been manufacturing and offering fine quality jewellery since 1915, our story begins a few years earlier, in 1896, when an immigrant from the Gujarat Province of India named Mr Valabdass arrived in the colony of Durban. Valabdass was one of the many merchant-class Indian immigrants who followed in the wake of the thousands of indentured labourers brought to South Africa by the British.
Valabdass left India with a vision of creating high quality, hand-crafted jewellery and, on arriving in South Africa he wasted no time in realising his vision. He began hand-crafting silver jewellery during the day and visiting his clients on horseback at night. These early sales formed the basis of the Narandas ethic: inspired, hand-crafted jewellery accompanied by one-on-one interactions and personalised customer service.
The man with the golden touch
Valabdass soon became an established merchant trader, selling his hand-crafted jewellery to the English colony's growing population. Then in 1915, he passed away, and his son Narandas, who had already started working at his father's work bench, took over the business at the age of 16, later remodelling it as 'Narandas Jewellers'. Narandas was the man with a golden touch, acquiring new jewellery manufacturing skills while on extended trips to India and Italy. He worked 14-hour days designing and selling jewellery from a small shop window in Durban's Madressa Arcade.
The jewellery council of South Africa
Narandas was one of the founding members of the Jewellery Council of South Africa, making valuable contributions to the local jewellery industry and community.
100 years of value
As successive generations joined the business, Narandas expanded his operations. In 1962 a new store opened in Grey Street. This was followed by a shop in Victoria Street, along with a small workshop which employed 6 goldsmiths. Durban's first jewellery megastore opened in Field Street a few years later. Today Narandas operates from two world class jewellery stores in Durban's Gateway and Pavilion shopping centres, and enjoys relationships with generations of customers. Nearly one hundred years after its humble beginnings, the Narandas brand has become synonymous with high quality, hand-crafted jewellery, trusted personalised service and excellent value.